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Holiday Safety

This time of year brings an increase in personal activity such as hunting, fishing, holiday decorating, spending time with family, and looking forward to a new year. Unfortunately, this is also the time of year where we see an increase in incidents and injuries in the workplace, at home, or on the road.

We often see people in the workplace distracted by personal matters or financial concerns and overlook safe work practices. At home, tension between family members are sometimes high since they are also feeling stressed during the holidays. However, we must remain committed to our personal safety so we can enjoy the holidays with our families. Here are some helpful tips to be safe in the workplace:



There is also much activity at home that we should remember to be safe. According to Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI), approximately 5,800 individuals are treated annually for emergencies related to the holiday season. Here are a few helpful tips to be safe at home:


Additional ways to keep safety in the forefront this holiday season is by continuing to perform “360° Focus” inspections and SAPP observations. Employees must check all clearances, including those in front of, on both sides of, and to the rear of the vehicle prior to each time it is moved from a parked location for the prevention of incidents and/or running into stationary objects. Let’s also not forget to submit quality SAPP observations! One of the requirements for the Employee Annual Performance Bonus is completing a single SAPP observation per month for 12 consecutive months. Shamrock certainly appreciates everyone’s continued commitment to safety. This year has been exceptionally well for us. Let’s finish the year strong and keep the momentum rolling into 2019!


We all have families and friends that depend on us. Be extra careful this holiday season and work safely, so that we can share the holidays with our loved ones. We wish all our employees and their families safe and happy holidays this coming season!