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Safety Advisory: Crane Safety


Safety Advisory
Crane Safety

In an industry such as ours, employees utilize cranes to move large, heavy loads on a daily basis. While cranes increase capacity and production at the work site, they can also pose potential safety hazards. Below are tips to working safely with and around this type of equipment.

Pre-use Inspection
Only trained certified operators to the current API standard are allowed to operate cranes. Before lifting any loads, the operator should complete a pre-use inspection of the crane. This inspection allows the operator to perform function checks and ensure that the crane is in a safe working condition before engaging in lifting activities. The inspections should be documented and any items found deficient should be noted and reported (follow site procedures for reporting and maintenance). In the inspection you should look to ensure:

Each location has its own crane safety policy, familiarize yourself with the policy and pre-use inspection. Ensure that you comply with the rules of the site, and remember that you have the right and responsibility to stop work that is unsafe.

Lifting Operations
After your pre-use inspection is complete and you have deemed the crane fit for use, you may proceed with lifting operations. Before lifting however, the operator should inspect and be aware of the following information:

The operator should not lift the load if it is not rigged properly, if the rigging is not in capacity, center of gravity was not achieved or for any other reason the operator deems necessary. The operator has final responsibility and should stop any work that they deem unsafe. A JSA (Job Safety Analysis) should be completed and reviewed by all parties involved prior to making any lift.

Personnel Transfer
Lifting operations that involve personnel are more critical than lifting material loads, and should be treated as such. Follow the site specific procedures for safe lifting of personnel. Only certified and trained operators may operate a crane. Before lifting personnel you should:

Cranes are a great tool that minimize personnel exposure for lifting, increase capacity and production at the work site, but can also be dangerous if not operated safely. We must remain committed to the safe operation of cranes at the work site. Any crane operation deemed unsafe should be stopped. Remember you have the right and responsibility to stop work that is unsafe.